Alun LeppittAlun started playing drums at 16 and was soon involved in church worship and playing in a band on the pub/club circuit performing tunes co-written with school friend Mark Andrews.  Alun joined worship leader Noel Richards’ band and played for several years at celebrations and national events like Spring Harvest. In the early years he has worked with many worship leaders including Matt Redman, Chris Bowater, Doug Horley and Sue Rinaldi. Alun developed his worship leading gift as he swapped his drum kit for a guitar and started writing his own songs of praise, worship and celebration.

Alun has been leading worship teams, training musicians and singers for 30 years. He is a  passionate worshipper and songwriter. Alun has run worship schools, conferences and trained worship leaders and music groups in the UK, USA, Germany, the Philippines & Vietnam.  He and his band play in local, national and international events and conferences. He was first published in 1993 by Kingsway’s Thankyou Music.  Since then he has written, produced and arranged several albums including many songs for congregational worship. Alun was writing songs for his band for a few years before penning his first ‘sacred’ song entitled ‘Holy Spirit’ (lead me to my Father) in 1991.  This song along with several others was published by Kingsway’s Thankyou Music and appears in Songs of Fellowship.  Writing is a real passion for Alun and a means of expressing his beliefs, experience and devotion.  Alun loves developing the craft of songwriting poetry and spoken word in others and facilitates critiquing and writing classes. Read Alun’s testimony.