Alun LeppittI found Jesus when I was 15 and have been following Him ever since.  My desire is to live my life full of the love, compassion, grace and mercy that Jesus demonstrated throughout His remarkable life.  No one who meets Jesus will ever go away unchallenged and unchanged and I want people who meet me to have a similar experience.

History teaches us that this man dubbed the ‘King of the Jews’ shook up society, challenged religiosity and ushered ordinary people into the presence of the Father.  He met them where they were, bringing dignity, hope, love, healing and forgiveness.  The passionate fire of His love is still burning today and it’s that transforming love that has changed the hearts and lives of millions of people in the last 2000 years and is still bringing new life to people today.

Like millions of others around the world it’s that belief in the redeeming love of Jesus and the infilling power of the Holy Spirit that guides the path of my feet and the choices I make.  Life’s journey makes sense when you are following the Way and the Truth.  The best of heaven is found in Jesus who is described as the desired of the nations. He is the precious gift of a loving Father given to broken and hurting world.  Our heavenly Dad loves us just the way we are, but he refuses to leave us that way because he wants us to be Just like Jesus.

If you haven’t discovered real life found in the love of Jesus then don’t wait, ask Him into your life and watch the change in your heart.  It’s a great adventure and I couldn’t live my life without knowing He is with me always and always for me. He is my Friend, my Saviour, my King and my brother. Welcoming me into the house of my loving Father…always.  If you want to know more or want to find out about discovering the true meaning of life drop me an email.